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Resources and support to implement & maintain a successful Run Club

Virtual AMA Youth Run Club Resources

AMA YRC @ Home

Looking for ways to stay active while at home, check out our new AMA YRC at Home resource. Full of games and activities that can be played with one or more players and in the space you have at home. 

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Training Log

Download the training log to discover a training program that will have your kids running a 2 or 5 km fun run after 20 weeks of training!

Virtual Fun Run Guide

If you are looking to host a virtual fun run for your participants, check out our virtual fun run guide for tips and how-to's.

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Race Bibs

Before you head out for your final fun run, be sure to download the printable race bibs, that participants can colour in before wearing! 

Youtube Playlists

Head over to our Youtube Playlist to find our Ambassador Videos, fun warm-ups, games and more! While you are there be sure to check out our #DPAeveryday playlist for lots of quick and easy DPA games.

Climbing Everest Challenge

AMA Youth Run Club Ambassador, Martin Parnell, has come up with a unique challenge for virtual run club participants! Climbing Mount Everest challenge is a stair climbing challenge where you will virtually summit Mount Everest after 14 weeks! Download the challenge below.

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Virtual Community Events

Looking for a run to participate virtually in? Head over to our community events page for all virtual runs hosted in Alberta

Get Started

Coach's handbook

Download the Coach's Handbook for information on implementing the Youth Run Club, motivating participants, proper technique, and more!

Runner's Handbook

The Runner's Handbook provides participants with information about why physical activity is important, how to run properly and safely, training programs, and more! 

Practice Plan Builder

A compilation of all the AMA Youth Run Club warm-ups, main activities, stretches and talking tips. Use these components to build your own practice plan - templates plus pre-built plans are included.


Download the form in English and in French to send to parents or guardians. Feel free to adapt this letter to suit your needs.


Download the poster to display your run club's details.

Wrap Up

Finisher Prizes

All participants can receive a prize. Coaches must submit the Finisher Prize Request Form at least 3 weeks prior to completion of the AMA Youth Run Club to receive finisher prizes.

fun run guide

How to host your own fun run: planning, supplies, race distances, race day and tips!


Download the Certificate of Participation to give to you runners at the end of the year.


Be sure to get your participants to fill out the year end Run Club survey! 


Complete the coach's survey for the opportunity to submit your feedback about the program. For completing the survey all coaches will receive a $5 coffee card.

Inclusion Supports

10 Suggestions

10 simple strategies to help create a more inclusive club for all your participants.  

Visual Schedule

Visual schedules organize a sequence of activities and support students in understanding, anticipating and participating in the activities.

All About Me Sheet

This sheet will help you as a coach to foster a deeper connection to your participants.

Additional Supports

Running Log

Logging your runs is a great way to stay motivated to reach your goal. Track your runs and your progress with this log!

top 10 warm up activities

A compilation of some of our favourite warm up activities, tried and tested by AMA Youth Run Club Coaches across the province.

Let's warm up posters

Use this poster as a quick & easy warm up activity. Choose two activities from each column, start some music & go! 

video library

A library of video resources to support your club! There's something for everyone: coaches, runners, physician volunteers, parents & more!


Download the GO! Run Handbook for information on implementing a girls only run club, motivating female participants, talking tips, games and more!

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Running Shoes Donation

Fast Trax has generously donated a number of new running shoes to the AMA YRC and we would love to get these shoes on the feet of some of our run club participants. If you have a student in need of a new pair of shoes please fill out the form below.

Ever Active Schools

Want to find more ways to support a healthy school community? Check out Ever Active Schools!

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AB Active After School

Looking for more supports for your after-school run club? Check out AB Active After School! 

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Healthy Schools Alberta Map

Want to find other AMA Youth Run Clubs in your area? Check out the Healthy Schools Alberta Map!