Closing the gender gap in girls' and gender diverse youths' participation in sport and physical activity

In the Fall of 2017, Ever Active Schools and the Alberta Medical Association launched GO! Run, a "Girls Only!" run club that's helping increase girls' participation in sport and physical activity. Watch this video to learn more and hear from some of the first program participants.

Since the launch of GO! Run, we have worked to re-brand to be more inclusive to gender and sexually diverse students, as well we dropped the Run from our name so more folks see themselves in this program.

We encourage our GO! Clubs to do just that, go! Physical activity, whether that be running, walking, rolling, or dancing, movement in any form that will increase the likelihood of lifelong physical activity participation.

Only 2.5% of girls aged 12 to 17 are getting enough physical activity”

— Statistics Canada, 2016

GO! is a free, fun and flexible physical activity program developed to increase girls’ and gender-diverse youths' participation in physical activity. Creating safe and inclusive spaces and opportunities allows for girls and gender-diverse youth to focus on age appropriate skill development, while building confidence and self-esteem in a fun and inclusive environment.

GO! clubs will have access to a free, downloadable handbook which includes tips and tricks on engagement, new games and activities and other helpful resources. GO! clubs will also receive existing AMA Youth Run Club supports found in the coach's corner!

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Check out our revised handbook, full of important information on how to recruit participants, helpful conversation starters for support, fun games, top 10s and more!