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How the Program Works:

Clubs run together one to five times per week. Participants build their endurance in order to complete a final fun run of your choice! Some schools host their own, while some participate in community runs.

The Alberta Medical Association and Ever Active Schools provide clubs with all of the necessary resources to implement and maintain a successful run club, including: Runner's & Coach's Handbooks (electronic), finisher prizes for all participants, free local workshops for coaches, running logs and more! Join the club and visit Coach's Corner to browse all of our resources.

Find an AMA Youth Run Club in your area!

Check out the Healthy Schools Alberta Map and see what schools have active run clubs.


The Participants:

All students, Kindergarten to Grade 12 across Alberta! Group sizes can range from just a few to more than 100.

The Club has grown from just 75 schools in 2012/13 to over 500 schools in 2017/18.

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The Coaches:

Coaches can be school staff, parents, peer leaders or community members.

The number of coaches required will depend on the size of the group, the age of the participants, and the type of running route chosen. It is ideal to have several adults involved to ensure safety and to motivate participants. School staff are encouraged to recruit parent and community volunteers.

As a result of participating in the Club...

89% of coaches reported engaging students who are not traditionally physically active


98% of students reported that they will keep running once their club is finished for the year


91% of coaches reported the club leading to positive changes in student behaviour


- Results reported in 2017/18 year end coach survey

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